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Gregory P. Starr

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The University of New Mexico

NOTE: Since retirement (6/30/2012) I don't really maintain these pages much...but there's still some pretty interesting stuff here, if I do say so myself. Sorry for some broken links, but hey... I'm retired.

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[2013 BMW R1200GS at U.S. Hill] This picture shows Dr. Greg's beautiful new 2016 BMW R1200GSA at the Valle Grande, in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico..

Couldn't resist the GSA; longer range for those western wide-open spaces....

Thought for the day: "God decides how long your life is...YOU decide how wide it is..."anonymous Russian ADV rider.

Bring Back the HP 15C


Class Information for Spring 2012

The classes I'm teaching during Spring 2012 are ME 380 (Control Systems), and ME 481/581 (Digital Control).

The links below will lead to pages with information for those classes...

I will update these pages with more information as the semester progresses.

Interests and Activities

8/12/2015 update: Seems like since retirement my main "interest and activity" is riding (and wrenching) on motorcycles...so I'll list a few more of my Ride Reports (blogs) from recent trips. Most recent first...actually the first link is my motorcycle comparison. Then the Ride Reports...

Graduate School

Since I used to be the Graduate Adviser, you can go to the Graduate Program from my home page. If you're interested in graduate study, this is the place to find more information. To get information mailed to you, fill out the form on that page... somebody will contact you.

My favorite National Anthem of all time...

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