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MEMS stiction failure
Micro-Electro-Mechanical; systems are vulnerable to get stuck to near by structures/substrates and fail. This Projects studies the energy associated with creating new surfaces by separating the stuck parts from each other. Micro cantilever arrays are used to study the stiction and to gather experimental data. The beams are fialed onto a substrate using Isopropyl alchol and are peeled off of the substrate using pieso actuated mechanisms with less than a nano-meter resolution. Fracvture mechanics analysis is carried on to model the crack development between the stuck part and their separation.

The project is composed of two parts:
  • Static responce
  • Dynamic Responce
The static analysis covers the first part of the project where transient responces are eliminated and the transient responcetimes are ignorable compared to the time scales used. The dynamic analysis on the other hand is more involved and includes all the vibrational effects as well as crack development. Dynamic responce is used to study how complicated failed MEMS structures such as gears, combdrives, ... can be repaired. The method used is completely non-destructive and can be used for almost all MEMS devices.

3D Beams


Arash Kheyraddini Mousavi
PhD ME Candidate

Phone: 316-573-3773
e-mail: mousavi@unm.edu

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