This course focuses on manufacturing processes. A thorough understanding of manufacturing processes allows the engineer to consider these processes during the design process, thus making the manufacturing of a product more efficient and cost effective. This course consists of a lecture component and a laboratory component.
ME-461-E / ME-561-E / NSMS 519 / ECE 519
This is a laboratory course on the physical theory, design, analysis, fabrication, and characterization of NEMS/MEMS. The main objective of this course is the fabrication of important types of nano/microstructures used in NEMS/MEMS devices. Therefore, the emphasis is on techniques used in the fabrication of NEMS/MEMS. Special emphasis will be given to the bulk and surface micromachining processes. Basic techniques will be discussed separately and then sequenced in order to build-up these commonly used processes.
ME 512
In this course we will perform vector and tensor analyses, examine the kinematics of continua, the equations of motion, the general balance laws of continuum mechanics, and introduce constitutive equations.
ME 318
In this course, experimental measurement techniques utilized in experimental mechanics are discussed and performed. Specifically, experiments pertaining to: stress/strain, displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, thermophysical properties of materials, and fluid mechanics will be discussed in lecture and in many cases performed in the laboratory. Communication of these results is also discussed. Beyond basic report writing, the topics of: probability and statistics, discrete and continuous probability distributions, test statistics, classical and robust test of significance, measurement and uncertainty, design of experiments, regression analysis, applications in analysis of engineering experiments are explored.
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