1. H. Soliman (2010) - Second Place Poster - RioGrandeSymposium for Advanced Materials

  2. M. Atwater (2009) – Graduated with Distinction MSME

  3. K. Abbas (2008)- Graduated with Distinction MSME

  4. K. Abbas (2008) 3rd Place in Poster Competition at Rio Grand Symposium on Advanced Materials

  5. D. Goettler (2008) - Graduated with Distinction MSME

  6. K. Abbas (2008) - CMMMS Student of the Semester

  7. N. Sanchez (2008) Finalist in Oak Ridge National Laboratory Poster Competition

  8. D. Goettler (2007) - CMMMS Student of the Semester

  9. D. Goettler (2007) - Best Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, School of Engineering at The University of New Mexico

  10. D. Goettler (2007) Best Graduate Research Assistant in Center for MultiScale Mechanics and Materials Science

  11. Z. L. Leseman (2006) Best Poster Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

  12. Z. L. Leseman (2005) Silver Award, Materials Research Society student paper competition

  13. Z. L. Leseman (1999) Finalist for the student paper competition at the Society of Experimental Mechanics Conference

  14. Z. L. Leseman (2000) 1st Place Feasibility Plan Competition; Campus wide competition at UIUC for entrepeneurs

  15. Z. L. Leseman (1997) 2nd Place Cutler Hammer Design Competition; designed new type of circuit breaker

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