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Welcome to Prof. Leseman's Group.

The primary focus of Professor Leseman's research group is to understand the physics of nano/micro-materials. Our approach to this understanding is primarily through design of novel experiments followed by modelling. Project topics include studies in the adhesion of of micro/nanodevices, length scale effects in thin films, Phononic Crystals, nanothickness material synthesis and alteration of the electrical, magnetic, and thermal properties.

Projects in progress include:
  • Prevention of stiction failure in NEMS/MEMS
  • Improved etching of Si using XeF2
  • In-situ investigations of Au films less than 100nm in thickness
  • Low temperature synthesis of graphite on patterned surfaces
  • Ultra high vacuum studies of MEMS vibrations.
  • Fabrication and charactrization of phononic crystals operating at super high frequencies(SHF)
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