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The Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNM requires 130 semester hours of course work. A thorough knowledge of the physical sciences, math and engineering is developed in the first two years, followed by the core mechanical engineering coursework, which is capped by a senior-level design course, where teams of students work on real engineering problems. A student can "customize" his or her curriculum through the choice of technical electives, which represent all areas of mechanical engineering. The technical program is complemented by a balanced set of writing, humanities and social science courses; together, the BSME degree allows the student to be well-prepared for his or her professional career.


A strong mathematics and science background is essential, and to be adequately prepared for college, the following courses should be part of your high school curricula:

Subject Recommended Time

2 years


1 year

Intermediate Algebra/

1 year


1 year


1 year

Physics/Physical Science

1 year

Pre-calculus or Calculus

1 year


Placement in mathematics and English courses is usually based on high school preparatory classes and test scores (ACT or SAT). College credit can be given for Advanced Placement courses in the areas of Calculus, Chemistry, English, Economics, Psychology, History, Political Science, Physics and/or Art History. Check with your high school counselor for information.

There are several UNM branch and two-year colleges in New Mexico at which many of the fundamental courses needed for a Mechanical Engineering degree may be obtained. These institutions can provide the opportunity for a smooth transition from high school to the main UNM campus. Transfer work is also accepted from college and universities outside the state.


Scholarships for freshman (pre-major) students are available through the School of Engineering Student Programs Office; contact that office (505 277-4354) for applications and eligibility. Departmental scholarships are usually limited to junior or senior students, and are awarded on both need and academic performance.


Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Co-operative Education program, in which students alternate work periods with academics. Participation in the Co-op program not only helps integrate the student's classroom learning with actual engineering practice, it enhances his or her job opportunities after graduation.

Local part-time employment is also available, both on and off campus, as is full-time summer work in industry. And, there are opportunities to work with faculty on research projects.


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the major's honorary society, Pi Tau Sigma, all have active chapters at UNM. In addition, many other student chapters of professional and honorary societies are active in the School of Engineering, supporting various academic and social activities. These include the Society of Women Engineers, the Society of Black Engineers, the Hispanic Engineering Organization, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and Tau Beta Pi.


Even though Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico, it has the ambience of a smaller town, and the University area is virtually a self-contained community. Within UNM, you may participate in intramural sports, or take advantage of organized outings such as rafting and hiking trips; you can attend concerts (classical and contemporary musc and dance), see plays, and go to sporting events (UNM has a great women's volleyball team, as well as a strong gymnastics team, and everyone knows about the Lobo basketball program and "The Pit"). There is also a wide variety of live music at many clubs in town, organized softball, volleyball and soccer leagues, and other recreational activities to relax with.

If you are not from this state, and nature is your thing, then you will love New Mexico. Our hiking trails, lakes and ski areas, historic and archeological sites, museums, and vast open spaces are without equal. The national/federal laboratories (Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Lab, and the Air Force Research Laboratory) provide both academic enhancements as well as job opportunities for our students. Albuquerque is in the center of this vast natural resource; come and join us in this technical and natural adventure land.

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