Page last updated September 20, 2007
ME 591: Graduate Seminar


Time & location Friday 1530-1630 (Check schedule for time/location changes)
Mechanical Engineering Building,
Room ME 218
Coordinator Bert Tanner
Mechanical Engineering Bldg, Room 422
Tel: 277-1493

Seminar Requirement - MS

M.S. students must have one hour of seminar credit on their program. The student shall register for ME 591/592 for two semesters while attending the seminars. The first semester the student may register for zero credit hours. The second semester the student must register for one credit hour.

Seminar Requirement - PhD

Each Ph.D. student must have one hour of seminar credit on his/her program. The student shall register for ME 591/592 for three semesters while attending the seminars. In the first two semesters, registration may be for zero credit hours. In the third semester the student must register for one credit hour. The doctoral seminar requirement may be transferred from a UNM-granted master's degree program.

Seminar Attendance – PhD and MS

The Seminar grade will be CR/NC, based upon attendance. Presenting a seminar on campus will count for attendance at two seminar sessions.

On-campus students: Credit will be earned in each semester by attending at least all but one of the scheduled ME seminars.

Los Alamos Graduate Center Students: Credit will be earned in each semester by attending ten (10) Los Alamos National laboratory seminars on mechanical engineering or mechanics topics and submitting a report on each seminar. The report shall consist of:
1) the Laboratory announcement of the seminar and
2) a critique of it, written by the student. The critique shall be at most one single-spaced, typewritten page in length.
Each report is due one week after the seminar and may be submitted via email.

Additional Information: A student may make up one missed seminar by attending two 1-hour research seminars in other departments or at one of the labs. Following the Los Alamos plan you are required to provide the published abstract and a brief summary (one paragraph) for each. A strict deadline for receipt of these reports is the last day of classes. Students attending conferences may write up equivalent talks (e.g., four 30-minute talks). Students cannot makeup 2 missed seminars (4 new seminars).

Tentative schedule
Date Speaker Title Affiliation Location Time
  Introduction   ME218 3:30
Leon Levine
"An Investigation of the Mechanics of Cereal Flaking"
Leon Levine 
& Associates, Inc.
ME218 3:30
Marko A. Rodriguez
"Network: A Data Structure that Links Domains"
ME218 3:30
Ed Graham
 "Vacuum Tubes:
a look at historical electrical engineering
ECE - UNM ME218 3:30
Joe Bishop
"A New Computational Methodology for Simulating the Pervasive Failure of Materials and Structures Under Extreme Loading Conditions" SNL
ME218 3:30
Bill Agnew
"Computer Controlled Autonomous Vehicles; The intelligent ground vehicle competion"
General Motors (ret.)
ME218 3:30
Mahmoud Taha
Annual Sigma Xi research lecture
Tapy 201 3:00
Rafael Fierro
Tentative: multi-robot systems
ME218 3:30
Randal Beard
"Autonomy and Cooperation for Micro Air Vehicles"
ME218 3:00
Nancy Winfree
 "Blast Mitigation Body Armor"   ME218 3:30
Paulo Tabuada
"On the synthesis of correct-by-design embedded control software"
ME218 3:00
Ray Byrne
Tentative: Robotics
ME218 3:30