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This is the list of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and office assignments for faculty, Emeritus, Research and Academic Titles. To contact any of these individuals by e-mail, click on their e-mail address in the table below. To view their website, click on their name. Our FAX number is (505)277-1571.

Name (Website) Position e-MAIL Phone Office
Al-Haik, Marwan Assistant Professor  277-1346  ME421 
Ebrahimi, Nader  Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Programs  277-6294  ME405 
Greenlee, Robert H. Lecturer II  277-5613  ME323 
Heinrich, Juan C. Professor and Chair  277-2761  ME202A 
Khraishi, Tariq  Associate Professor  277-6803  ME317 
Ingber, Marc  Halliburton Professor  277-6289  ME401
Leseman, Zayd Assistant Professor 277-4940 ME403
Lumia, Ron  Professor and Associate Chair  272-7155  ME319 
Mammoli, Andrea  Associate Professor  277-9215  ME420 
Razani, Arsalan  Professor  277-6251  ME332 
Russell, John Professor 277-1345  ME328 
Shen, Yu-Lin  Professor  277-6286  ME321 
Starr, Gregory P.  Professor  277-6298  ME423 
Tanner, Bert Assistant Professor  277-1493  ME422 
Truman, C. Randall  Professor  277-6296  ME426 
Vorobieff, Peter  Associate Professor  277-8347  ME424 
Wood, John E.  Professor  272-7150 MTTC Bldg. 
Research Professors, Postdoctoral Fellows,
ME Letter of Academic Title Holders (LAT)
Graham, Alan National Lab Professor (LAT) 505-664-0235  
Greene, E. Dick Adjunct &Research Professor (LAT) 505-454-3365  
Jonatham Phillips UNM/National Lab Professor 505-277-2761  
Merritt, Paul H. Adjunct & Research Professor (LAT) 505-853-5477  
Popova, Marina Assistant Professor 277-1320 ME416
Faculty, Secondary Appointment in ME
Sulsky, Deborah  Professor, Mathematics  277-7425  Hum472 
Emeritus Faculty 
Baker, William E.  Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1999)  277-6287 ME326
Leith, James R. Professor Emeritus
(Ret: 2006) 277-6287 ME326
Gross, William A. Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1993)  277-6297 ME230
Richards, Charles G.  Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1998)  277-6287 ME230
Schreyer, Howard L.  Halliburton Prof., Prof. Emer. (Ret: 1999)  277-8667 ME230
Shahinpoor, Mohsen  Halliburton, Regents Prof. Emer. (Ret:2002) 277-3966  ME400 
Wildin, Maurice W.  Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1997)  268-7650 ME230

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