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Health-care services firm funds UNM research on pulmonary drug delivery device

Profs. Hugh Smyth (Pharmacy) and Randy Truman (Mechanical Engineering) have a patent application pending for a novel dry powder inhaler (DPI). Cerner Corp. purchased an option to license the device and is funding its development into a marketable technology. Smyth and Truman are collaborating on optimizing the performance of the device which uses a thin polymer film to disperse small particles that include the desired drug into the patient's airflow. Anticipated advantages of the device include the creation of very small particles that may be inhaled deeply into the patient's lungs, and improved drug delivery for patients with limited airflow capacity including children, the elderly, and adults who are seriously ill.

This research was recently featured in New Mexico Business Weekly.

ME Department building a novel shock tube facility

As a part of the Educational Institution Strategic Partnership between UNM and the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, a new experimental facility for studies of shock wave interactions with droplets and particles will be built at the ME Department. Investigators in charge of the shock tube project are Peter Vorobieff and C. Randall Truman. Read UNM Today news release here.

Biomedical research at the UNM ME Department featured in New Mexico Business Weekly

The recent work of the UNM alumnus Scott Lovald (right) and Professor Tariq Khraishi will lead to improvements in medical techniques used to repair broken jaws, New Mexico Business Weekly reported July 13, 2007.
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